These videos support educators in deepening their understanding of current issues in mathematics education.

Assessment in a Knowledge Building Mathematical Classroom (2017)
Empowering Students in Math (2017)
Building Success in Mathematics: A School’s Journey (2016)
Math in Action – Agents of Change (2016)
Math Lives Here: Helping Social Justice Take Flight (2016)
We Are All Mathematicians (2016)
Promising Practices in Mathematics Learning and Teaching (2015)
Beyond Pictures, Numbers and Words:  A Focus on Multiplication and Division (2015)
Spatial Reasoning in Number Sense and Numeration (2015)
English Language Learners in Mathematics – Patterning and Algebra DVD (2015)
Math Conversations that Count (2015)
Thoughts on Teaching and Learning Mathematics: OAME (2015)
Leaders in Educational Thought: K - 12 Mathematics (2014)
Loving the Math, Living the Math (2014)
Re-imagining Literacy and Mathematics Throughout the Day (2014)
Linking Today’s Understanding to Tomorrow’s Learning: Proportional Reasoning (2013)
Math Study Groups: Learning in a Collaborative Culture of Inquiry, Study & Action (2013)
Planning for Mathematical Understanding: Fractions Across the Junior Grades (2013)
Leaders in Educational Thought: Special Edition on Mathematics (2013)
Creating the Conditions for Learning Mathematics (2012)
Snapshots of Effective Practice - Doug Clements: Early Mathematics (2012)
Engaging Students in Mathematics (2011)
Honouring Student Voice in Mathematics (2011)
Teaching Mathematics Through a Social Justice Lens (2011)
Through the Eye of the Learner: From student work to teacher practice (2011)
Differentiating Mathematics Instruction (2008)
Learning Mathematics Within Contexts (2007)
Coaching for Student Success webcast (2007)
Making Mathematics Accessible to All Students (2007)
Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching (2005)