CIIM (Curriculum Implementation Intermediate Math) (2007)
     Executive Summary
     This research project examined how the inquiry-oriented mathematics curriculum for
     grades 7 – 10 in Ontario is implemented and understood by multiple partners involved.
CIIM (Curriculum Implementation Intermediate Math) (2007)
CLIPS Evidence (November 2011) (pdf)
Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports (CLIPS) are instructional trajectories focused on key mathematical concepts (grades 7 to 12).  CLIPS can increase student learning and influence teacher practice.
CLIPS – School Administrators Want to Know (pdf)
The benefits of including Math CLIPS in a School Improvement Plan
Collaborative Action Research – Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB & Trent University (ap)
This Adobe Presenter provides an explanation of what collaborative action research is, and why educators may wish to engage.  Classroom educators and a research team focused on proportional reasoning for Kindergarten to grade 3.

Connecting Practice and Research in Mathematics
Summaries of Findings (pdf)
Please click on Classroom Educator/Classroom Practices to access this document.
This document contains research summaries for the following topics: Adolescent Mathematics Learners, Classroom Management, Communication, Concrete Materials, Differentiated Instruction, Differentiation Based on Student Readiness, Differentiation Based on Student Interest, Differentiation Based on a Student’s Learning Profile, Differentiation Based on Mathematics Content, Differentiation Based on Process or Sense Making Activity, Differentiation Based on Product, Flexible Grouping, Graphic Organizers, Japanese Lesson Structure, Math Talk Learning Community, Mental Mathematics and Alternative Algorithms, Metacognition, Personalization in Teaching Mathematics, Precision in Teaching Mathematics, Professional Learning in Teaching Mathematics, Providing Feedback, Questioning, Scaffolding, Student-Centered Investigations, Teacher-Direct Instruction, Technology, Van Hiele Model.

Expert Panel Reports
The Expert Panel on Mathematics was established to examine, synthesize, and outline research on teaching mathematics
Early Math Strategy (pdf)
The Report of the Expert Panel on Early Math in Ontario
Early Math Stategy
Teaching and Learning Mathematics (pdf)
The Report of the Expert Panel on Mathematics in Grades 4 to 6 in Ontario
Teaching and Learning Mathematics
Leading Math Success: Mathematical Literacy, Grades 7-12 (pdf)
The Report of the Expert Panel on Students Success in Ontario
Leading Math Success

Fractions Research - Ontario
The following information can be found under Classroom Educator/ Lessons and Supports / Additional Fractions Supports
Fractions Research Summary (pdf)
This two page summary describes the research process and findings to date.
Expert Panel Reports
Fractions Learning Pathways Overview (video)
This video shows the features of the Fractions Learning Pathways.
Transcript (pdf)    
Fractions Research Findings (video)
This video shares how using the Fractions Learning Pathways tasks can increase student learning and close gaps for Junior and Intermediate students.
Transcript (pdf)
Fractions Research Top Ten Lessons (video)
In this video Dr. Cathy Bruce and Shelley Yearley share ten key learnings from the research.
Transcript (pdf)

Gap Closing
Gap Closing resources are designed for students who need additional support in mathematics. For each topic in the resource, there is a diagnostic and a set of intervention materials. Use of Gap Closing resources can close gaps for students and influence teacher practice.
  Gap Closing
Intermediate / Senior Evidence (pdf)
Junior/Intermediate Evidence (pdf)
Principals as Math Leader –Grade 6 Gap Closing (Jan 2011) (pdf)
Research Context and Evidence (Jan 2011) (pdf)
Learning Through Effective Questioning (2011)
This Digital Research Paper reports on Halton District School Board’s model to guide a critical mass of teachers through job-embedded professional learning experiences that shifted questioning behaviours in ways that quickly led to improved student achievement and closed gaps.
Learning Through Effective Questioning
Mathematics Transition Project (pdf)
Halton DSB
Mathematics Transition Project (ap)

PVNCCDSB and Trent University Research Project
This three year professional learning program, focused on differentiating instruction and “Math Talk,” showed significant improvement in grade 9 EQAO scores
Part 1: What the Researchers Say (ap)
Part 2: Implementing a board-wide professional learning plan (ap)
Research Instruments (pdf)
This document includes one-page quick fact sheets describing the research instruments used to gather information about the effectiveness of PRISM projects in changing teachers’ beliefs, skills, and practices, as well as corresponding changes in students’ beliefs, skills, and understandings about mathematics.
A number of webcasts include education researchers sharing important aspects of learning and teaching mathematics.
What Works - Monographs
These research summaries highlight promising teaching practice at the classroom level and are written by scholars in education at Ontario universities.

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