Professional Learning Modules

Unit Fractions
Presentation Guide (pdf)
PowerPoint (2.5h) (pptx)
Desktop Fractions (mp4)
Transcript (pdf)
Brownie Sharing (mp4)
Transcript (pdf)
Paper Folding
Transcript (pdf)
Checking Strategy 1
Transcript (pdf)
Doubling Effect
Transcript (pdf)
Counting Pieces
Transcript (pdf)
Building Understanding of Unit Fractions (pdf)
Paying Attention to Fractions  (pdf)
BLM 1: Card Sort (pdf)
BLM 2: Card Sort Answer Key (pdf)
Unit Fractions Across the Curriculum (pdf)
I Have..Who Has? 30 Game Cards(pdf)
I Have..Who Has? 10 Game Cards (pdf)

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