Professional Learning Models

Actions and Interactions [pdf]
This document identifies an overview of twenty types of professional learning models.

Cathy Fosnot Interview (video)
This video is an interview with Cathy Fosnot about coaching to support mathematics learning.
Coaching (ap)
In this Adobe Presenter, a mathematics coach and a classroom teacher co-plan, co-teach, and debrief a mathematics lesson.
Collaborative Action Research (ap)
This Adobe Presenter explains what collaborative action research is and why educators may wish to engage.  Classroom educators working with a research team take a look at proportional reasoning for Kindergarten to grade 3.
Collaborative Assessment Development (ap)
This Adobe Presenter shares a board’s journey in working with secondary teachers to take a deep look at assessment in mathematics and their assessment practices.
Collaborative Learning: GAINS in Grade 9 Mathematics - York CDSB (ap)
This team of educators share their journey of learning and teaching in mathematics with a focus on teaching through problem solving, use of technology and analysis of student work.

Co-planning, Co-teaching, Debriefing
This team of educators worked collaboratively to adjust a TIPS4RM Grade 9 lesson to emphasize reasoning and proving.
TIPS4RM Grade 9 Unit 4 Day 1 Adjusted Lesson (pdf)
Co-planning (video)
Co-teaching (video)
Debriefing (video)
Lesson Study
This digital research paper includes video and supports to deepen the understanding of the lesson study cycle.

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