Professional Learning Content


Capacity Building Series K-12
These series have been designed to support mathematics professional learning facilitators in understanding their role and with deepening their understanding of the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Differentiated Instruction
Differentiated Instruction Based on Student Readiness Learning Series (pdf)
This guide outlines three 75 minute face to face professional learning sessions with connections to a grade 8 class at M.J. Hobbs Senior Public School.
M.J. Hobbs Senior Public School Video (mp4)
Differentiated Instruction Professional Learning Series
This six part professional learning series is designed to help teachers learn how to provide students a learner-responsive, teacher-facilitated inclusive classroom where all students have the opportunity to meet curriculum expectations through a problem solving approach.
Math Camp 2010: Proportional Reasoning
This four day math camp is composed of plenaries and breakout sessions. Sessions focused on deepening an understanding of Big Ideas and developing open questions and parallel tasks.

Mathematical Processes Professional Learning Series
Professional Learning Series (pdf)
Professional Learning Series (doc)
This package includes an overview of three different professional learning series, as well as, session outlines for each of these series.
Teaching through Mathematical Processes Professional Learning Series
This series focuses on deepening teachers’ understanding of the Mathematical Processes and how they contribute to teaching through problem solving. It demonstrates how to support development of adolescents’ mathematical problem-solving skills and encourages teachers to reflect on their practice.
Posing Powerful Questions (PPQ) Professional Learning
TIPS lessons are enhanced with effective questioning in this professional learning support.







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