Posing Powerful Questions

TIPS lessons are enhanced with effective questioning in this professional learning support.

PPQ Handouts and Supporting Material
Facilitator’s Notes (doc)
PPQ Template (doc)
PPQ Formative Feedback (doc)
Grade 7 and 8 Percent Representations (doc)
Percent Strategies Power Point (ppt)
MPM1D Linear Relations (doc)
Lesson Overview (video)
Open Question (video 1)
Open Question (video 2)
Parallel Question (video 1)
Parallel Question (video 2)
MPM2D Connecting Quadratic Equations, Factors & Roots Original Lesson (doc)
Coaching Notes – Quadratic Lesson (doc)
PPQ Factoring Simple Trinomials (doc)
Student Sample 1 (jpg)
Student Sample 2 (jpg)
Student Sample 3 (jpg)
Student Sample 4 (jpg)

Posing Powerful Questions Fractions
This is an example of a lesson adapted to use open questions.  This document includes classroom video and student work.
Operations with Fractions Grades 7/8 (pdf)
Operations with Fractions Grades 7/8 (doc)

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