Capacity Building
These documents are produced to support leadership and instructional effectiveness in Ontario schools.
Fractions Across the Curriculum (April 2018) (pdf)
Dynamic Learning: Connecting Student Learning and Educator Learning (August 2013) (pdf) 
Pedagogical Documentation (Oct. 2012) (pdf) 
Supporting Numeracy: Building a Community of Practice, K-12 (August 2012)  (pdf)
Supporting Numeracy Annotated Bibliography (docx)
The Third Teacher (August 2012) (pdf)
Maximizing Student Mathematical Learning in the Early Years (Sept. 2011) (pdf)
Asking Effective Questions in Mathematics (July 2011) (pdf)
Bansho (Feb. 2011) (pdf)
Bansho (Board Writing) (Feb. 2011) (pdf)
Communicating in the Mathematics Classroom (Sept. 2010) (pdf)
Differentiating Mathematics Instruction (Sept. 2008) (pdf)

What Works? Research into Practice

These research summaries highlight promising teaching practice at the classroom level and are written by scholars in education at Ontario universities.
Making Space for Students to Think Mathematically (February 2015) (pdf)
Exploring the Power of Growing Patterns by Dr. Ruth Beatty (August 2014) (pdf)
Making Math Children will Love: Building Positive Mathitudes to Improve Student Achievement in Mathematics
(August 2014)
Trigonometry in Grade 3? (August 2012) (pdf)
Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: Harnessing the Power of Interactive White Boards (March 2012) (pdf)
Word Problems – Connecting language, mathematics and life, (June 2011) (pdf)
ESL in the Mathematics Classroom, (July 2008) (pdf)
Learning Mathematics vs Following “Rules”: The Value of Student-Generated Methods, (March 2007) (pdf)
Student Interaction in the Math Classroom: Stealing Ideas or Building Understanding, (January 2007) (pdf)