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Adolescent Literacy +

Adolescent Literacy Guide
     Guide De La Litteratie Chez Les Adolescentes et Adolescents
Adolescent Literacy Professional Learning Module
Adolescent Literacy Guide – Printable Version PDF
Adolescent Literacy Guide: At-a-Glance PDF
School Effectiveness Framework Connections (Appendix A) PDF
Curriculum Connections (Appendix B) PDF
Connections to Learning Skills and Work Habits (Appendix C) PDF
Connections to Ministry Resources (Appendix D) PDF

Listening Guide PDF
Media Literacy Guide PDF

Boys' Literacy +

Me Read? And How! Ontario Teachers Report on How to Improve Boys’ Literacy Skills PDF
Me Read? No Way! A Practical Guide to Improving Boys' Literacy Skills PDF

Think Literacy +

Think Literacy Cross-curricular Approaches Web Page
The Arts +

Drama & Dance Grades 7-10 PDF
Music Grades 7-9 PDF
Music 10-12 PDF
Visual Arts Grades 7-12 PDF

Business Studies +

Introduction to Accounting (BAI3E) PDF
Introduction to Business Grades 9-10 PDF
Introduction to Entrepreneurial Studies (BDI3C)  PDF
The Enterprising Person (BDP3O) PDF
Introduction to Financial Accounting  (BAF3M)  PDF
Information Technology Applications in Business (BTA3O) PDF
Introduction to Information Technology in Business, Grades 9-10 PDF
Introduction to Marketing (BMI3C) PDF
Introduction to Retail and Services Marketing (BMX3E)  PDF

Canadian and World Studies / Geography and History +

Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, Grade 12  PDF
Environment and Resource Management, Grade 12 PDF
History Grade 7 & 8 PDF
History & Civics Grade 10 PDF
Geography Grade 7 PDF
Geography Grade 8 PDF
Geography Grade 9 PDF
Travel and Tourism Grade 11 PDF

Classical and International Languages +

Classical Languages (Latin) Levels, 1, 2, 3 PDF
Classical Civilization Grade 12 PDF
International Languages Levels 1 & 2, Part 1 PDF
International Languages Levels 1 & 2, Part 2 PDF

Computer Studies +

Computer Studies 7-9 PDF
Computer Integration 7-12 PDF

English / Language +

Language/English 7-9 PDF
English 10-12 PDF
Media 7-10 PDF



French +

Core French 7-12 PDF
Core Intermediate French PDF

Guidance and Career Education +

Career Studies 10 PDF
Cooperative Education 11-12 PDF
Learning Strategies 9 PDF

Health and Physical Education +

Health and Physical Education 7-9 PDF
Healthy Active Living Education 11-12 PDF
Recreation and Fitness Leadership 12 PDF

Library Research +

Library Research PDF

Mathematics +

Mathematics 7-9 PDF
Mathematics 10-12 PDF

Religious Education +

Religious Education 7-12 PDF

Science / Science and Technology +

Science & Technology/Science 7-9 Part 1 PDF
Science & Technology/Science 7-9 Part 2 PDF
Science 9 Oral Communication PDF
Science 9 -10 Writing PDF
Science 10 Reading PDF
Science LDCC PDF

Social Science and Humanities +

Family Studies 9-10 PDF
Family Studies Managing Personal Resources 11 PDF
Family Studies Parenting 11 PDF

Technological Education +

Technology 7-9 PDF
Technological Education 9-12 PDF
Hospitality and Tourism 10-12 Part 1  PDF
Hospitality and Tourism 10-12 Part 2 PDF

Interactive Modules +

Professional Learning Modules Web Page

Series: Research and Practice +

ALERTs – Adolescent Literacy: Engaging Research and Teaching Web Page
Monographs – Capacity Building Series Web Page
Monographs – What Works? Research into Practice + Web Page
PaRCs – Practice and Research Connections + Web Page

Units and Lessons +

The Arts +

Unit: Drama Grade 9 Opening Doors Web Page
Unit: Dance Grade 9 Dance Me a Story Web Page
Unit: Media Arts Grade 10 My Place in the World Web Page
Unit: Music Grade 7 I've Got the Blues Web Page
Unit: Music Grade 9 Composing with Courage Web Page
Unit: Visual Arts Grade 8 My Comic World Web Page
Unit: VIsual Arts Grade 9 Picturing My Imagination Web Page

English / Language +

Lesson: Language Grade 7 Critical Literacy: Is Reading Too Dangerous? PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9  Critical Literacy: Taking Multiple Perspectives PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9 Critical Literacy: Identifying Values of Belief PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9  Critical Literacy: Questioning the Text PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9  Critical Literacy: Uncovering Stories PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9 Listening: Active Listening for Undertanding PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9 Listening: Listening for Effective Note-taking PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9 Listening: Listening for What's Important PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9 Media: Planning a Public Service Announcement PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9  Metacognition: Thinking about Thinking PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9  Metacognition: Making Meaning with Metacognition PDF
Lesson: English Grade 9 Metacognition: Making the Invisible PDF
Unit: English Grade 9 I Am a Podcaster Web Page
Unit: Language (Intermediate) You Be the Researcher Web Page
Dual Credit Materials Web Page

Science / Science & Technology +

Lesson:  Science Grade 10 Climate Change in the Media: Fact or Fiction? PDF
Unit: Science 8 Water Systems Web Page
Unit: Science 10 Light and Application of Optics Web Page

Technology Education +

Lesson: Reading and Using a Bill of Materials PDF

Videos +

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Book Projects 2.0 and 2.1 Web Page
Boys' Voices: Technology in the Classroom MP4
Conversations for Learning Website
Deepening Understanding of Voice Website
Discovering Voice Website
Exploring Metacognitive Habits of Mind Web Page
Learning-Focused Conversations and Shared Reading in Grade 12 History MP4
One Approach to Questions MP4
Promoting Meaningful Student Involvement: Listening to What Students Have to Say MP4
Shifting How We Ask Questions: Understanding Question Words MP4
Summarizing and Note-taking in Science MP4
Think Aloud: An Instructional Practice to Make Thinking Visible MP4

Think Aloud: Specific Subject Examples of Using Think Aloud in the Classroom +

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Business: using transition words MP4
English: context clues MP4
History: making inferences MP4
Math: creating a table MP4
Science: access prior knowledge MP4
Visual Arts: act it and catch it MP4