Innovation Learning Fund

In August 2017, the Ministry announced a new Innovation in Learning Fund (ILF), a $10M per-year ongoing investment towards fostering greater innovation in learning and teaching to support the development of global competencies in students. The ILF provides one standard allocation of $109,000 per year to each district and $23,200 per year to school authorities. A minimum of 50% of the ILF allocation must be invested in educator professional development.

Through the Innovation in Learning Fund (ILF), each District School Board, School Authority Board, and the Provincial Schools Branch will receive a yearly allocation to:
  • Provide professional learning opportunities that empower educators to facilitate learning experiences that foster deeper learning and global competencies in students.
  • Implement innovations in educational practices (“innovation projects”) that will help to foster deeper learning and global competencies in students.

Our graduates are entering a world that is more competitive, globally connected, and technologically engaged than any other period in history. Increasingly, global competencies are being recognized by researchers and employers as essential to thrive in the economies and societies of the 21st century. Global competencies build on the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy.

The Ministry also continues to support 21st century learners through a holistic investment of resources including funding for technology through the annual GSN, providing a Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching contact as well as a Virtual Learning Environment for each board and investing in broadband modernization to improve access in schools across the province.

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